Ghana-Reisen bIn a way, “Ghana-Reisen” is the KASAPA tourism project’s mainstay outside of Africa:

In Germany, the co-director of KASAPA Centre Ltd., Dr. Susanne Stemann-Acheampong, is officially registered as tour operator under the name of “Ghana-Reisen” (= Ghana Travels). As outbound tour operator, “Ghana-Reisen” offers all the KASAPA holiday programmes and provides all securities required by German tourism law (tour operator’s liability insurance, secured payment certificates). The general terms and conditions of Ghana-Reisen and the data protection declaration, too, comply with the requirements of German tourism law.

Please fill in a booking request if you want to book a KASAPA travel offer through “Ghana-Reisen”.


For the online-conclusion of a travel contract with Ghana-Travels, the following guidelines, stipulated by the EU-Commission, are applicable: Online dispute-resolution in accordance to. Art. 14 Abs. 1 ODR-VO: The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute-resolution. It can be found under Online Dispute Resolution.


Tourcert-Seal„Ghana-Reisen“ (Ghana Travels) is a member of forum anders reisen, an umbrella association obliged to sustainable tourism. Members submit themselves to a certification by the TourCert organisation. It assesses the tour operator’s „Corporate Social Responsibility“ and awards a CSR-Seal, if the company meets the pertaining social and ecological standards at its office and with regards to its travel packages. Ghana-Reisen got the respective CSR-seal 2014; after re-certifications 2017 and 2019 it is now valid up to September 2022. (vide Ghana-Reisen CSR-certificate).