Ghana-Reisen: CSR-certificate

With the TourCert-Seal, we acknowledge our responsibility for sustainable tourism. Our management and report-schedule is designed according to the certification standard of TourCert and verified by an independent expert.

With the TourCert-Seal, we accept the obligation to ever improve in the area of environmental protection, working conditions, customer information, human rights and fairness in business relationships. We are in constant contact with our local service providers about these topics, taking ecological and social criteria into account, when designing a travel package.


The enterprise, in the course of the first-certification, has proven that an appropriate CSR management procedure has been implemented corresponding with the Tour Cert certification guidelines and its implementation’s policy for small enterprises.
Particularly with regards to socio-cultural aspects and the strengthening of local value-creation CSR is demonstrably anchored in the company’s corporate-philosophy, the design of its travel arrangements and in its external communication.

Especially the convincing product design, consistently oriented to the founding principles of the company, and the remarkable commitment regarding community involvement have been identified as particular strength of KASAPA Centre / Ghana-Reisen

Ghana-Reisen was established for the sole purpose of marketing the travel packages of KASAPA Centre, its sole partner agency. The CSR-check was carefully carried out and elaborately expounded. In 2001, the travel offers of KASAPA Centre were awarded the ToDo! Award for Socially Responsible Tourism after intensive evaluation and on-the-spot appraisal by an expert.