security situation

Ghana is an agreeable and safe travel destination. Local people still treat foreigners as guests (and not so much as tourists to be exploited). The country is clear of terrorist activities.

In its security information the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentions “occasional conflicts between various groups of locals” in northern Ghanaian areas resulting sometimes in curfews at night. Certainly, over recent years, there have been sporadic clashes between hostile local fractions, mostly in a context of political elections.

For tourists, such situations could be risky to stumble across such a siutation. However, we are very well informed about circumstances and make sure that we are aware of any political unrest,  which is always restricted to a small area. As local tour organizers, we are in a position to weigh up potential risks.

The same holds true concerning crimes in the big cities, as mentioned by some travel information. When you have a reliable local companion or pay attention to competent advice, you can easily “venture” into urban life – and you will be pleasantly surprised by how friendly and helpful most Ghanaians respon to foreign guests.