about us


  • Here especially you will experience the colorful variety of the “dark continent” Africa: impressive nature resplendent with palm beaches and jungle, as well as evidence of an eventful history of slave trade, colonialism and a powerful African kingdom
  • An old extant tradition vibrant in crafts, music and inherited types of rule
  • bustling markets, remote farming villages and modern urban life
  • and furthermore an open-minded population relating self-confidently and friendly to strangers

In a well-proven mixture of recreation, sight-seeing, experience of nature and authentic contacts with local people, KASAPA Centre offers various programs for your holidays in Ghana:

  • workshops for African drumming and dancing
  • diverse travel packages as round trips or holiday arrangements
  • as well as a special women’s trip

You may book our offers at pre-determined dates so that you can participate together with others in a group tour. Tailor-made arrangements are also possible, according to your personal requests.


KASAPA Centre is a tourism enterprise in Ghana, run by a German-Ghanaian couple who started the project 30 years ago. it is a model for sustainable, environmentally compatible and socially responsible tourism. Hence, it has received several important tourism awards.

As “incoming agent”, KASAPA Centre particularly links up with the German tour operator “Ghana-Reisen” (Ghana Travels) and other travel providers – all belonging to the federation for sustainable tourism “forum anders reisen” (“forum for unique travel”).


Therefor: Ghana holidays with KASAPA Centre – by all means a rewarding experience!