Northern trip

Community-based tourism in Ghana

“The Spacious North of Ghana – Baobabs and Ancient Rural Crafts”

In the “Upper East”, one of Ghana’s Northern regions with a characteristic remoteness – away from big towns and highways – , life has a slower tempo in contrast with the South. A traditional culture of peasants and herdsmen, old trade-routes of the Hausa and the tolerant African Islam set the tone. Modern developments have not gained much ground yet.

In the months August and September the savannah-like landscape turns into an enchanting green park with zebus and herding children on small donkeys; huge old baobab trees shading small farmsteads with artistically curved clay-walls, thatch-roofed round storage towers and decorative paintings reminiscen of the style of the artist Hundertwasser.

Our tour guide Gabriel hails from this territory. Together with him, you can discover the special beauty of his native land and the relaxed friendliness of the people.

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