stay without programme

Community-based tourism in Ghana: Perfectly relaxed holidays

at our KASAPA Centre, without any fixed programme but lots of opportunities to get in touch with Africa and African people.

Just book half-board accommodation and decide  how you want to spend each day,

in a hammock under a shady neem tree, caressed by the sea-breeze

chopping vegetables with our kitchen ladies

at the local fishing harbour when the colourful canoes come back with their catch

with our washerwoman Sister Efua who will be pleased to take you along to her family

playing with neighbours’ inquisitive children

on a day trip to a farmers’ market nearby or to Accra

There is so much to see and to experience! – We will provide you with tips, advice and organisational support. Resulting costs, e.g. for a taxi ride or a local guide, will be negotiated case-by-case.

More information, contact:

Booking: Through Ghana-Reisen, see also booking request