The KASAPA project is an important example of environmentally and socially compatible, sustainable tourism. Its travel programmes are not orientated towards common standards of conventional tourism, but take up typical Ghanaian modes and resources, without overtaxing the guests. Hence

  • not a hotel which would stand out against its surroundings, but KASAPA Centre; a small village-like holiday resort. It has employed and further developed traditional styles and modes of construction, combined with modern eco-friendly technology (photovoltaic, modern hygienic compost toilets)
  • no other-directed jobs under foreign management, but an African family enterprise enabling the KASAPA staff members to demonstrate personal responsibility and commitment. Accordingly, they relate to the KASAPA guests more openly and capably than in a conventional hotel
  • no packed schedules which merely “tick the boxes” for various sights, but variable and flexible offers, leaving enough time for spontaneous discoveries