Northern trip – tabulated overview

Community-based tourism in Ghana

“The Spacious North of Ghana” – tabulated overview:

Please note: Guests arriving on Friday already will have their second day on Saturday (without programme, just to settle down) and the subsequent days’ numbering will shift accordingly (= Sunday will then be the third day etc.) Consequently, departure back to Europe will then be on Friday (= the 22nd day).

Overview (minor alterations admissible):

day overnight stay board programme
1 Sat KASAPA Centre on flight arrival, transfer from airport Accra to KASAPA Centre (38 km)
2 Sun KASAPA Centre half board beach day at a small seaside hotel facility nearby
3 Mon Bobiri Guesthouse half board to Bobiri Rainforest Reserve (ca. 20 km east of Kumasi, total of ca. 250 km)
4 Tue hotel directly on the lake half board guided rainforest excursion. At noon to the traditional Fetish Shrine in Ejisu Besease (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and to Lake Busumtwi (all in all 45 km)
5 Wed hotel in Kumasi half board to Kumasi: Central Market and Cultural Centre (40 km)
6 Thu Mole Hotel half board further northwards to Mole National Park, ca. 320 km with reliable public transport till 60 km south of Tamale; from there 87 km more with a hired van and driver (as in the following 10 days)
7 Fri Mole hotel half board Mole National Park
8 Sat Mognori homestay half board to Larabanga (6 km to the south) and in the afternoon on to Mognori (12 km east of Larabanga)
9 Sun hotel in Tamale half board in the afternoon to Tamale (ca. 155 km)
10 Mon Sirigu Guesthouse half board to Sirigu (ca. 190 km)
11 Tue Sirigu Guesthouse half board in Sirigu: guided village tour and painting/basket weaving workshop
12 Wed Sirigu Guesthouse half board to Navrongo and Paga (ca. 60 km round trip)
13 Thu hotel in Bolgatanga or Tongo homestay half board to Bolgatanga (35 km): Visit to the local market. Upon agreement either overnight stay in Bolgatanga or on to Tongo (+ 16 km)
14 Fri Tongo homestay full board Tongo: exploring the surroundings
15 Sat Tongo homestay full board excursion to the fetish shrine of Tengzug (4 km)
16 Sun Bolgatanga hotel full board in the afternoon back to Bolgatanga
17 Mon Kumasi hotel half board back to Kumasi (with reliable public transport, ca. 550 km)
18 Tue KASAPA Centre half board back to KASAPA Centre (ca. 220 km with reliable public transport, then ca. 50 km with the KASAPA-owned van)
19 Wed KASAPA Centre half board day off / programme upon agreement
20 Thu KASAPA Centre half board day off / programme upon agreement
21 Fri KASAPA Centre half board day off / programme upon agreement.
Guests having arrived on Friday will start their homeward journey (transfer to airport Accra, overnight in the course of their return flight to Europe
22 Sat in the aircraft half board packing and parting; transfer to airport Accra; departure to Europe

Northern trip – details

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