The KASAPA directors

KASAPA tourism project – the directors

Kofi B. Acheampong is a civil engineer by profession, but long ago he trained himself within 4 weeks to play base guitar and joined the big-band of the famous Ghanaian Mustapha Tettey Addy. That’s how he met his wife-to-be Susanne and got drawn into the adventure of inter-cultural tourism.

Dr. Susanne Stemann-Acheampong studied theology and psychology, did research projects in social science – but in the end became more fascinated by traditional African drumming and dancing. 1981, the very first holiday workshop in Ghana organized by Mustapha Tettey Addy lured her to Africa where she fell in love with the “dark continent” and (some years later) with a certain man.

End of the eighties, the couple started a tourism project which later became KASAPA Centre. They are running it as “managing director” and “madam director”. Additionally, Susanne Stemann-Acheampong is the KASAPA tourism project’s official travel agent (see online booking request)

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