Women’s travel

Women’s travel „The strong women of Ghana –

traditional dignity, daily chores and modern careers“

In Ghana, you can experience the „dark continent“ in all its colourful variety: long-stretched palm beaches and rainforest areas,impressive testimonies of colonial history, a vibrant tradition of indigenuous culture, music and crafts , timeless rural life and modern urban development – a fascinating kaleidoscope!

Especially remarkable, however, is the womens’ position: many important Ghanaian tribes have a matrilinear structure which means that the familie’s continuity, the inheritance of property and and many substantial traditional positions are not passed on from father to children. Within the clan, the members of the female line rather have a decisive status, and even today the selection of a traditional ruler („chief“) is based on the nominating power of the so-called „queen mother.

Our „women’s travel programme“ will take you to the sights of Ghanaian nature, history and culture, but at the same time you will really get in touch with the people and their daily life – and you will especially have the opportunity to meet women from various walks of life and get to know more about them.

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