round trip – tabulated overview

Integrated tourism in Ghana

Round trip “Discover Africa” – tabulated overview:

(Minor alterations admissible):

day overnight stay board programme
1 Sat KASAPA Centre on flight arrival, transfer from airport Accra to KASAPA Centre (38 km)
2 Sun KASAPA Centre half board beach day at a small seaside hotel facility nearby
3 Mon KoSa Beach Resort half board to Elmina (slave trade castle tour); then to Ampenyi beach (all in all ca. 155 km)
4 Tue Kakum tree house
or possibly
half board relaxing at the beach or back to Elmina (guided tour through the scenic historic town). After dinner to Kakum National Park (all in all ca. 50 km)
5 Wed beach hotel in / near Axim half board early morning: canopy walkway over suspension bridges, high up between tall rainforest trees of Kakum National Park; after that ca. one  hr nature trail with an expert guide. Then to Cape Coast (35 km), breakfast and further on to Axim (ca. 140 km)
6 Thu beach hotel in / near Axim half board relaxing at the beach. After lunch to Nzulezo, the village on stilts (54 km by car, then boating)
7 Fri Ko-Sa Beach Resort half board after breakfast back to Ampenyi beach (ca. 120 km)
8 Sat village guesthouse half board Cape Coast Castle: Museum and crafts market, then to the cocoa farming village of Mesomagor (ca. 55 km): walking tour through the village, story-telling evening
9 Sun village guesthouse full board farmland walkabout, tasting of fresh palmwine in the “bush”, traditional bamboo orchestra and dance troup
10 Mon hotel directly on the lake full board visiting small rural enterprises in a neighbouring village. After lunch to Lake Busumtwi (south-east Kumasi, ca. 180 km)
11 Tue hotel directly on the lake half board relaxing at the beach; by request to the weavers’ villages Adanwomase and Bonwire (ca. 112 km all in all)
12 Wed hotel directly on the lake half board to Kumasi (all in all ca. 80 km): Central Market and Cultural Centre
13 Thu KASAPA Centre half board back to KASAPA Centre (all in all 230 km). On the way (ca. 20 km east of Kumasi) a visit to the traditional Fetish Shrine in Ejisu-Besease (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
14 Fri KASAPA Centre half board trip to Accra or extended guided walk through our local community Nyanyano
15 Sat in the aircraft half board packing and parting, transfer to airport Accra, depature to Europe

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