Workshop details

Workshop “Rhythm of Africa” – the programme:

Four to five days of lessons per week: dancing 90 min daily and drumming/percussion lessons 120 min daily (xylophone or drumming with bamboo sticks is preferred, please state so when booking). Singing/rhythmic lesson 60 min twice weekly. (For the total number of lesson days see tabulated overview). Additional private lessons can be arranged locally (for about 6 to 10 EUR per hour).

Even if you are not equally interested in drumming and dancing, we recommend that you take lessons in both sections: as a dancer you will understand the rhythmical patterns better after playing them on drums, and as a drummer you will get a better feeling for the complex polyphony of the various instruments when dancing. Dancing lessons are accompanied by life drumming.

A professional drumming and dancing ensemble’s performance

A big party with friends and staff of the KASAPA project

Upon agreement a day-trip to Accra

An extensive guided walk through Nyanyano to acquaint you with our local community

2-day trip along the Ghanaian west coast to the scenic fishing town of Elmina with its famous ancient Portuguese slave trade castle. Stopover usually in a well secured tree house of Kakum Rainforest National Park or in a picturesque hotel; next morning an exciting walk over suspension bridges between the tops of tall rainforest trees and a informative hike (about one hour) through the forest with a ranger; on request a visit to Cape Coast Castle museum (during the second week)

During the third week,we will take an excursion to Mesomagor, a remote village of cocoa farmers about 90 minutes north of Cape Coast (two overnight stays). Here you discover rural production methods, e.g. the processing of palm nuts, cassava and cocoa. You can taste fresh palm-wine and get to know the villagers. Mesomagor offers a spledid dance troupe, a bamboo drumming orchestra and the traditional evening entertainment of lively, humorous story telling – village life at it’s best! (One or wo days’ lessons must be cancelled for this trip.

During lesson days shorter trips to the surrounding areas of theKASAPA Centre (e.g. to the canoe harbout Nyanyano, to a market nearby, to Accra) can be undertaken, on your own or with a local companion. Possible invitations to various social gatherings and festivities.

Individual arrangements for the fourth week will be worked out locally or according to pre-booking agreement.


Services included:

  • Programme as described. Also possible for guests with disablitities. (Please, contact us before booking)
  • Accommodation: in twin, double or (with surcharge) single rooms in KASAPA Centre; 2 nights  in a rather modest village guesthouse, 1 night in a jungle camp (with mosquito tents)
  • Board: half board or occasionally full board (including lunch) during excursion trips. If contacted before booking, we can make allowances for special dietary requests.
  • Transport with a KASAPA-owned van; transfers from/to  Accra airport
  • All expenses for site-visits
  • English or (eventually German) speaking tour guide, competent personnel at your service
  • If you book through “Ghana-Reisen” (see below): compensation of greenhouse gas emissions caused by your air travel. More


Not included:

  • flights to/from Ghana
  • visa for Ghana (currently 110,– €)
  • private insurance policies
  • unlisted meals, dessert after dinner (outside of KASAPA Centre)
  • personal expenses, tips etc.


Minimum number of participants: 4. – Maximum: 24, divided into smaller teaching sub-groups.

Requirements: Despite tropical temperatures (usually between 27 – 32°) and high levels of air humidity, average physical condition will be sufficient. Important are flexibility and adaptibility as everyday-life in Africa does not always go according to plans and expectations.

workshop – tabulated overview

More information, contact:

Booking: Through Ghana-Reisen (see also booking request)