KASAPA – what’s it about?

“KASAPA” means “a good talk” – the kind of conversation that denotes understanding and agreement. In Africa, such “good talk” is still the most important means to ease tension and reach harmony.

The drums “talk” in this way, too, and dancing together may have a similar connotation. Likewise, travelling around in a foreign country could entail a lively exchange of “good talk”, provided you take your time and are introduced by a knowledgeable guide.

The KASAPA tourism project aims to facilitate contact between Africa and the western world. It was initiated by its current leaders, Kofi Acheampong and Dr. Susanne Stemann-Acheampong, a Ghanaian-German couple. They have been organising intercultural contact and travelling programmes for more than 25 years.

The KASAPA project has had its own holiday resort, “KASAPA Centre”, west of Ghana’s capital Accra since 1996.